Our Wines

The vineyard is now 16 hectares, and yearly production amounts to around 50,000 bottles in the three colors, mainly AOP Minervois and IGP Pays d’Oc.

The Red Wines of Château La Villatade are created from Syrah and Grenache noir, alone or blended and Merlot, generally alone. They express well the aromatic complexity of the terroir, tender and velvety with aromas of spices and blackcurrant, on notes of prune and undergrowth. Both fresh and voluminous on the palate, they are fleshy but supple, with silky and elegant tannins. They are ready to drink but have also good aging potential (10 to 15 years).

The White Wine (Sauvignon and Vermentino blend) and the Rosé (Syrah Grenache blend) have in common a beautiful minerality and a fruity freshness, a slightly dry side with notes of citrus and exotic fruits for the whites and notes of small wild strawberry and grenadine for Rosés. They are ready to drink.

Minerality and freshness, maturity and generosity, power and structure... the perfect balance of the great wines of Château La Villatade is widely rewarded by the press, connoisseurs and gourmets.


The 'Côtes Noires' Terroir

The geographical location of the vineyard, backed by the western part of the Montagne Noire on a series of hills of sandstone, schist or limestone which alternate with terraces of sand, limestone marl and sandstone marl, gave the name to this exceptional terroir: Côtes Noires (Black Hills).

Facing due south and under strong Mediterranean climatic influence, but also oceanic, these harsh and stony soils, with a dry climate, give our Syrah-dominated blends the fruity, spicy and peppery character and generally develop the unique aromatic complexity of our wines.

The geographical location of the vineyard means that the grapes benefit from a significant amount of sunshine, the unique harmony of these natural elements, and also a good richness of water in the basement. The strong presence of the ocean wind actively contributes to the protection of the vines and replaces the best treatments.

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Sustainable Culture

& Biodynamics

Convinced that growing vines in harmony with nature is the best way to bring local wines to the highest level of excellence, restructuring the vineyard was the priority of Richard and Sophie. As soon as they arrived, they began converting the estate to biodynamic farming and reduced yields to 25 HL per hectare (10 HL per acre), all for the benefit of nature and consumers.

Today, the vineyard is cultivated in compliance with the HVE specifications (high environmental value) and is certified HVE3 for the whole production.

This is the most demanding level of the environmental certification system for agricultural and wine-growing holdings.

The HVE label allows consumers to be sure that the wine they are tasting is a quality wine from clean and environmentally responsible agriculture.

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Discover Our Wines


Sakura Rosé

12 €

If you are you a sushi fan, you will love our “Sakura”: a Rosé specially designed to pair with sushi and sashimi. Dry, floral and delicious, its invigorating freshness goes wonderfully with vinegared rice and fish. Its finesse of aromas match perfectly the subtlety of raw fish.


Villatade 'V' Red

10 €

A generous cuvée, with volume and ripe and very silky tannins. The fruit expresses itself fully supported by a living and powerful material. The 'V' Red is a very round and full of personality wine that will easily match most of your dishes.


Côtes Noires

18 €

This cuvée from a selection of Syrah and Grenache, grape varieties perfectly suited to the Côtes Noires terroir, develops intense aromas of red and black berries, with spicy notes, to finish with a slightly minty touch. Full in the mouth, it is a dense, round, fruity and balanced wine.


Villatade 'V' Rosé

10 €

Gold medal 3 years in a row at G&G International challenge, this superb rosé Minervois is particularly successful. Both fruity and delicious, tonic and juicy, crisp with freshness and fruit with good acidity, it will be perfect for your aperitifs, tapas and BBQ.


Villatade 'V' Brut

14 €

This vintage cuvée will be on your side during your key moments. The perfect harmony of this Crémant de Limoux comes from a subtle blend of Chardonnay, Chenin Blanc and Pinot Noir. Its golden color reveals fine bubbles that will enlight your dinners...


Côtes Noires Réserve

24-30 €

Ideal for your memorable occasions. Both complex and balanced, this wine provides a harmonious pleasure where the sweetness of very ripe red berries goes perfectly with silky and proportioned tannins; a beautiful, rather powerful roundness that will make you dream or possibly go back in time.


Villatade 'V' White

14 €

Dry but not too much, delicious and harmonious; it gives off a nice mineral freshness around leaky notes of grapefruit, white peach and exotic fruits. Very pleasant as an aperitif, it will pair wonderfully with oyster, prawns or a nice fish.


Vin de Sophie

12 €

From a single plot called "Paradise", this delicious and fruity wine distinguishes by its seductive and magnetic character. Le 'Vin de Sophie' is a pleasurable wine, a thirst quenching wine but also a wine for meat and BBQ. To be drunk slightly chilled with a meal or an aperitif


“Our Wines are the song of our land...”


From their first vintage in 2016, the two red Minervois from Château La Villatade called "Côtes Noires" and "Côtes Noires Reserve" named after the terroir, are awarded and medalists. The Minervois Rosé, soberly named "V" from Villatade and "Le Vin de Sophie" (100% Syrah), both won medals, followed the following year.

Now Richard and Sophie take care of the cellar work themselves in order to preserve the unique character of each of their wines. This work begins in the land with the harvest. So, as of September 1st, they will monitor the acidity, PH and sugar of the grapes. And each day they will survey their vines in order to taste the grapes of each plot until they are fully ripe, the tasting of the berries remaining ultimately the trigger for the harvest.


Once in the cellar, the grapes are placed in vats by grape variety and by plot, or pressed (for rosé and white wines). A few months later they will decide on the blends by working on adjusting the proportions by grape variety until they obtain the aromas and structure sought for the future wine. Later the wines will be placed in vats or in barrels according to the desired profile, and the aging can last from 45 days to several months depending on the wines.

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